About us

Indian National Organization for Human Rights Protection (INOHRP) is a non-governmental and non profitable social service organization founded in 2004. Under UN Charter, our organization is registered with the Register of Trust, Govt. of India, as a social welfare organization Regd.no. 10849/IV/VOL- 1026/2004. Visualizing a better world, free of violations of human rights, our founding President cum chairman, Mr Yohannan George, and founding secretary, Er. C R Benny, took the first initiatives for social services towards society. Our aim is to provide every citizen with access to all the needs that are necessary for a peaceful life. We have dedicated ourselves to prevent violations of human rights across the world.
Our operations are carried out throughout the nation by our highly qualified personnel. Dr. Pradeep Chauhan-the National Working President and Er. C.R. Benny- the National General Secretary are our organization’s inspiring hands. Under their leadership we have been successfully shaping a hopeful future for the magnified and rejected, by supplying them with all the necessary criteria to meet their needs. Operating from our headquarters in New Delhi, we have many chapters across the nation.
Inspired by Harley William’s words, “Human beings are beings, just treat everyone like that,” our goal is to ensure the credibility of the human rights granted by the constitution in our society. We fight against all types of violation of human rights and put an end to violence, oppression and atrocities on the people. Our vision is to envisage a society where every individual has access to food, shelter, health care, education, liberty, equality, justice and fraternity, a way of life. Our mission focuses on the right to live. Through many services, we serve the society. We are determined to help the required from the basic needs to the legal support.